All dishes below can be added with the following protein choice.

Chicken, Pork, or Tofu $12.95              Beef $13.95
Shrimp $15.95                                        Chicken & Shrimp $16.95         Chicken, Beef & Shrimp Combo $17.95

49. Mus-sa-mun Curry
a mild red curry of exotic herbs with potatoes, cashews, onions & carrots.

50. Pa-nang
a red curry of green beans, carrots, and basil leaves

51. Green Curry

made from fresh green chili, has a strong and slightly spicier flavor. cooked with eggplant, green beans and basil leaves.

52. Pineapple Curry
also a red curry, pineapple and tamarind sauce is combined to add a tart-sweet flavor.

53a. Red Curry
thick red curry sauce with lots of bamboo shoots and basil leaves.

53b. Yellow Curry
mild yellow curry sauce with potatoes, onions, and carrot.