Roasted Honey Duck $17.95
half a duck, deboned, marinated w/ house sauce, grilled to yield this lean and delectable asian delight.

Shrimp In The Desert $17.95

fried coconut shrimp topped with the three-flavored sauce of sweet, hot and sour.

Curried Crab $19.95

stir-fried crab meat in yellow curry sauce. a very popular seafood dish in thailand.

Basil & Chili Seafood Combo $20.95

pan-fried shrimp, scallops, mussels, and sole fish in the traditional basil & chili sauce.

Seafood Combo In Red Chili $20.95

seafood combination sauteed in delicious red chili sauce. served on top of hot plate. cooked and served in a boat, this seafood dish is simmered in our mild curry sauce.

Steamboat Seafood Combo $20.95
seafood combo in mild basil curry sauce.

Sole Fish Fillet $17.95
shoo shee deep-fried sole with red curry sauce. ginger sauce pan-fried w/ onion, mushroom, celery. steamed in soy sauce steamed sole in soy sauce. 3-flavor deep-fried & topped w/ 3-flavored sauce.